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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Phoenix

What is the Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation procedure?

The Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation procedure is the most natural breast augmentation procedure available today. In simple terms, it involves using your excess fat deposits from other parts of your body and reinjecting your fat cells into your breasts to give you a rounder breast shape, especially in the upper pole region. Call it the jiggle with the sizzle.

  • Done under local anesthesia as an out-patient procedure at Infini Liposuction in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Uses your fat cells extracted during a contouring procedure
  • The fat cells are then washed, sorted and the healthiest reinjected in your breasts immediately
  • The process can add One Cup for a fuller, natural look to your figure.

Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Right for you?

Known as “Structural Fat Grafting,” this process has been used successfully for several decades, but science has advanced recently to improve the fat cell retention results significantly.  This procedure is simple and safe relative to other forms of breast augmentation, which included implants and fillers.

Leading our Phoenix, Arizona team is William E. Shuell, M.D. He has over 18 years experience and is a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Shuell will be able to answer all your questions concerning this procedure and will personally handle your case from your preliminary consult and the post-op. His dedication and expertise are unsurpassed in this precise procedure.

Dr. Shuell is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery. In your pre-op assessment, the doctor will be able to answer all your questions concerning this procedure.

Before and After Pictures

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Before and After

Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation by Infini Liposuction Phoenix?

The best candidates include:

  • Women who want a natural look
  • Women who have recently had saline implants or silicone implants removed and require a breast enlargement or restoration procedure
  • Women who have recently given birth and lost breast volume
  • Women who require a breast reconstruction procedure
  • Women who need a procedure to repair issues with capsular contracture
  • Women who have slightly different breast sizes and want a natural balanced look

How is the procedure performed?

This procedure in 3 steps:

  1. Under local anesthesia, the doctor harvests the fat cells for the transfer procedure.
  2. Fat cells are washed, sorted, and immediately prepared for reinjection.
  3. The doctor makes a small incision using a microcannula. The fat cells are injected in the breast’s high part to give it a fuller, rounder shape.

What are some of the safety features of Breast Fat Transfer?

  • No need for complete anesthesia reducing costs and associated risks
  • No Complications associated with breast implants including scaring, leaking, removal, or replacement
  • No risk of capsular contracture associated with an implant
  • Using your biomaterial reduces the risk of contamination

Pros and Cons of Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation

  • Pro: Your body is already familiar with your fat cells so, your breast tissue will absorb them with little risk of rejection
  • Pro: No Incisions! Your procedure is done through small needle entry only
  • Pro: No decrease in nipple sensation
  • Pro: No complications associated with future breastfeeding
  • Pro: Quick recovery time of about three days, much faster than silicone implants
  • Pro: It is the perfect procedure for small cosmetic changes to even out both breasts
  • Con: It will usually add no more than one cup size and sometimes two
  • Con: The survivability of the fat graft is unpredictable and may show a loss of up to 30% within two months
  • Con: You may also need a breast lift to support the fat graft
  • Con: The Price may be more expensive than saline implants

How do I prepare for my liposuction procedure?

  • Do not take thinning drugs like Aspirin and Ibuprofen several days before
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking
  • On the day of your surgery have a regular breakfast
  • A Baseline mammogram may be needed
  • Organize for a person to take you to the clinic and drive you back home

What kind of results can I expect?

Following surgery, the breasts will appear initially fuller. Patients can experience a 1-2 cup size increase from the procedure, followed by a decrease in size due to fat loss. It is typical for 1/3 of the transferred fat to be lost after a month or two after the breast augmentation surgery. After that, you can expect to see the final size and look of your new figure.

The procedure is designed to subtly improve the shape, contour, and fullness to your upper chest. If those are your goals, then this will be an ideal procedure for you

What is the downtime for the procedure?

The usual downtime for this procedure is 2-3 days. Most patients state that the procedure’s liposuction portion is associated with more discomfort than the actual breast transfer procedure. The majority of patients are back to work in 3 days. Mild to moderate exercise is encouraged after the first few weeks, but it must be low impact.

We advise patients to avoid any rigorous jumping or running for two months after the procedure.

Can I wear my regular bra after the surgery?

The doctor will suggest a special bra after the surgery. After a week, you will be able to wear a regular bra.

What is the cost of the procedure?

If you come in for a liposuction procedure, you can add the added Fat transfer Breast Augmentation for $5,000. If you are focused on the surgery, it starts at $10,000, depending on each patient’s different surgical requirements.


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