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Large Volume Liposuction

In traditional liposuction, a patient who is ideally already at or within thirty percent of their ideal body weight can have small pockets of stubborn fat removed in order to achieve the ideal contour for the treated area of the body. The procedure often only involves minuscule volumes of fat that are being removed.

Conversely, large volume liposuction involves the removal of four to five liters of either fat or fat and fluids, which can drastically shift the balance of the body’s fluids. It is vital that the cosmetic surgeon performing the procedure have ample experience and training regarding large volume liposuction.

In the wrong hands, the complications arising from this procedure can range from incredibly dangerous to downright deadly. However, under the guidance and precision of a skilled surgeon, there are minimal complications and low mortality rates.

What you need to know if you’re considering this procedure

The removal of such an enormous amount of fat and fluids is quite an undertaking, and not every patient is fit for candidacy for large volume liposuction. Liposuction is not a weight loss tool; it is no replacement for diet and exercise. The ideal candidate for large volume liposuction will be a patient who is either healthy with no medical problems or that has medical problems that are well-controlled with medications. These patients should also be at a stable weight or one that is decreasing with the aid of diet and exercise.

Patients considering large volume liposuction will also need to ensure that they are not at risk for or suffering from pulmonary, thyroid, cardiovascular, hepatic, or renal diseases, which can lead to life-threatening complications. Patients with a family or personal history of bruising or coagulopathies should make their conditions known to their operating surgeon and anesthesiologist. Having sleep apnea also puts patients at risk, particularly after the procedure.

Large volume liposuction carries many of the same risks as small volume liposuction and other surgical operations. Complications can range from medical to appearance-based, and from minor to major. Major complications, while extremely rare, can include deep venous thrombosis, soft tissue or skin death (necrosis), major infections, bleeding, pulmonary embolus or edema, fat embolisms, hypovolemic shock, drug toxicity, and mortality. Minor complications include swelling, scar formation, seromas, discomfort, skin blistering, problems with minor wound healing, and sensory changes.

Beyond the physical results and risks of large volume liposuction, patients need to be in a healthy mental state and have reasonable expectations about how their outcomes will look. A person who understands that their pre-existing asymmetries, skin contour, and skin laxness will not dramatically change as a result of the procedure will find their results much more satisfying. Meanwhile, patients with perfectionist tendencies, eating disorders, or body dysmorphic disorder should not undergo this procedure.

Discuss your treatment options with a medical professional at Phoenix Liposuction

When you’re considering undergoing a major medical procedure like liposuction, it’s vital to have all of the facts beforehand. Contact our office today and set up a consultation appointment to learn more about large volume liposuction and other procedures that we offer and see if they are right for you.


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