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What is Lipo 360?

“Liposuction 360” is a term that has been increasingly used to describe liposuction that encompasses the whole midsection (front and back). Think of it as a circumferential lipo, where 360 stands for all around the body.

LIPO 360 can give you a proportionate, slender, and aesthetically sculpted midsection.

The usual areas treated with a Lipo 360 include the abdominals, both upper and lower, obliques, and mid to lower back.

How Many Areas are Included in Lipo 360?

The number of areas of the body to be treated is decided by your liposuction surgeon. Based on the patient, some surgeons reference 4 key areas. The doctor removes subcutaneous fat from the abdomen, intercostals, waist, hips (love handles), and flanks.

Other specialists might break those 4 areas into a total of 8 smaller areas around the torso: Full Abdomen, Mons Pubis, Bra Roll, Upper Back, Middle Back, Entire Waist, Hip Roll – Flanks and the Presacral Triangle.

Mommy makeovers often include 360-degree lipo as part of a body contour procedure.

Lipo 360 Areas

  • Abdomen
  • Bra Roll
  • Hip Roll
  • Middle Back
  • Mons Pubis
  • Presacral Triangle
  • Upper Back
  • Waist Line

How Is Lipo 360 Different from Traditional Liposuction?

360-degree liposuction is a more comprehensive procedure that combines liposuction of the entire midsection to achieve an overall curvier, contoured figure from every angle.

While liposuction is usually done on one area at a time, 360-degree liposuction targets multiple regions of the midsection where stubborn fat may be a problem. This can help create a more balanced, proportional appearance.

Liposuction of the Abdomen and Flanks - Lipo 360 Female Patient

Who is a good Candidate for the Lipo 360 procedure?

Fat deposits in the Midsection

Good candidates for 360 liposuction are all those people who have stubborn excess fat that is resistant to dieting and exercise, especially in the midsection (around the torso).

Good skin elasticity

Higher skin elasticity is key for optimal liposuction results. Candidates must have an appropriate level of skin elasticity. The skin on the treated areas should conform to the new contours. Low level elasticity can lead to loose and sagging results.

BMI under 30

Liposuction is not weight loss surgery nor a treatment for obesity. It is a body contouring procedure that helps redefine your body shape.

To undergo this surgical procedure you must be close to your ideal weight and be able to maintain a stable weight. Patients who are substantially above their target weight (BMI over 30), will have to lose weight before considering this procedure.

Subcutaneous fat – not visceral

Patients with large amounts of visceral fat (fat behind the abdominal wall around the organs – stomach, intestines, and liver), may not be a good candidate for this procedure. Visceral fat cannot be removed via liposuction.

Healthy and Medically Cleared for Surgery

Candidates are healthy persons that do not have any disease or underlying condition that can potentially lead to surgical complications.

How much does Lipo 360 Cost?

The procedure costs vary depending on the amount of fat that needs to be removed and the patient’s size.

The procedure Lipo 360 cost starts at $4,000.

Larger patients that require more work and contouring are more expensive. Fat transfer to the buttocks (BBL) or breast augmentation can also be added to this procedure for even greater body enhancing results! Additional costs will apply.

We are glad to solve any pricing questions you might have.

Lipo 360 Plus BBL

We highly recommend that you discuss a fat transfer procedure in conjunction with your liposuction surgery. Trendy cosmetic procedures include BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), and Natural Breast Augmentation. The Lipo 360 Plus BBL is perfect for individuals looking for a contoured midsection, and more toned and curvier bottom.

Liposuction of the Love Handles, Back and Buttocks - Lipo 360 Female Patient

Lipo 360 can give you

  • A flat or tighter stomach
  • More visible abdominal muscles
  • A lower back that looks curvier
  • Reduced love handles
  • Elimination of stubborn areas of fat

What happens on the day of your surgery?

Since Liposuction is an outpatient procedure and due to the lingering effects of the anesthesia, it is best to arrange for someone to drive the patient home after surgery.

The cosmetic surgeon will review the lab results, go over the planed surgery and answer any further questions.

Most physicians use a surgical marker to highlight the specific areas to be treated and define the cannula incision points while the patient is in the standing position.

At Phoenix Liposuction the patient receives a mild sedation, this allows the surgeon to talk to the patient during the procedure. Tumescent liposuction does not require general anesthesia.

The surgeon will start with small incisions. He injects a combination of lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate, and epinephrine mixed in a Saline solution to numb the area.

The doctor will then use a cannula to access the fat deposits.

In case of a fat transfer, for example a BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift, the extracted fat cells are cleaned, and and immediately reinjected to increase their survival chance.

If the procedure is just liposuction, the cannula is equipped with a laser fiber that will liquefy the fat and remove the fat cells.

The use of SmartLipo Triplex can help with superior skin tightening. The body will create new collagen, and the skin will tighten a few weeks after the liposculpture procedure.

After the surgery, the patient receives a follow-up appointment and contact info.

Who is going to perform my Lipo surgery at Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona?

William J. Hall, M.D., is a Cosmetic Dermatologist Specialist. Dr. Hall trains other surgeons for the American Board of Medical Specialties in liposuction procedures. Dr. Hall has performed many liposuction surgeries and is recognized as one of the best in Arizona.

William E. Shuell, M.D., is one of only four physicians nationwide who is Double Board-Certified as a specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Shuell will be able to answer all your questions concerning this procedure and will personally handle your case from your preliminary consult and the post-op. His dedication and expertise are unsurpassed in this precise procedure.

Liposuction of the Back, Bra Line and Sacral Triangle - Lipo 360 Female Patient

What is the recovery time after the Lipo 360?

Most patients experience some discomfort after the fat removal procedure for a few days. The numbness or pain usually decreases after the second or third day.  We recommend that you rest at least two days following the procedure. You will be wearing a compression garment that will help with the discomfort.  Most patients can return to work in 3-4 days. You will have some drainage for the first 24-48 hours after the procedure, which is normal. The tiny incisions will heal and disappear in a few days.

A few days later, you will have a post-op check-up to see your progress.

Avoid any major workout for at least three weeks.

Why choose Phoenix Infini Liposuction?

Our patients are very pleased with their liposuction procedures.  It allows you to wear flattering clothing. From form-fitting dresses to beachwear, it makes you feel more confident about your appearance. It usually can decrease your waistline by 4-5 inches and create noticeable curves. There might be some loose skin after the procedure, but new collagen produced as a result of laser surgery will tighten your skin over time. It is then up to you to eat properly and exercise to keep the new you in shape.


Does having a prior C-Section matter?

A lot of our patients have had prior C-sections.  We can make the C-section scar smoother and remove the fatty pouch that sometimes accumulates above the scar.  It is not a contraindication for having Lipo 360.

Is there an age limit for this procedure?

Young and old patients alike can benefit from this procedure.  If you are in good general health and don’t have any of the contraindications discussed above, you may qualify for this procedure.  At Phoenix Liposuction, your safety is our main concern, and we do everything pre-operatively to make sure you are an appropriate candidate.

What is the difference between Lipo 360 and a tummy tuck?

Both are considered cosmetic surgery. Lipo 360 is the removal of fat around your midsection. A Tummy tuck is the removal of fat and skin.

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