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Liposuction for Weight Loss

If you’re looking to liposuction to help you lose a lot of weight, you are going to be extremely disappointed. Liposuction should only be used for contouring the body after you have reached your ideal weight—any more than that could be potentially dangerous to your health. We at Infini have only your best interests at heart, and while we will be thrilled to help you contour away those last few inches needed to help your new clothes fit better, we cannot perform liposuction to help you lose weight. The most you can safely expect to lose from the procedure is about 2-3 pounds.

Lose Weight First

We wish we could wave the magic liposuction wand and all your weight issues would disappear, but the cold hard truth is you need to do the hard work first! Diet and exercise are your key to becoming the new and improved you; liposuction is only a tool used to contour away lumps and bumps that appear in inopportune spots and will not disappear no matter how hard you work.

Liposuction for Weight Loss Before and After

With the onset of the internet, eating healthy is so much easier than it ever has been before. Type the words healthy and delicious meals into your browser and watch as page after page of yummy recipes appear before your eyes! The internet is also a great option for discovering weight loss exercises you can do at home—no gym necessary!

Once you have changed your dietary habits and lifestyle and have discovered the thinner you that was only hiding, it will be time to schedule a consultation with us to help contour the remaining stubborn areas that just don’t seem to understand how hard you’ve worked! Our bodies tend to hold on to weight in all the wrong areas: the muffin top, the cankles, the double chin, and for women, that ugly area of back fat that bulges out just above your bra lines. Liposuction works to contour those areas, bringing your weight loss journey to its final conclusion.


Now that you have reached your ideal weight and still have that pesky double chin or a little extra bulge around the knees and ankles, give us a call and schedule a consultation. Let us be the final step in your hard earned journey to the best and healthiest you possible!


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