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What does a Skin Tightening with J-Plasma Cost in Phoenix?

With Infini Phoenix Liposuction, you can count on two very important things…

First, our surgeons are skilled experts who can help you achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of. And, second, you can rest assured that our pricing is always up-front and always transparent, with no hidden costs, follow-up phone calls, or high pressure sales tactics.

This means that when you’re considering whether or not Skin Tightening with J-Plasma is right for you, before you even pick up the phone to give us a call, you’ll know what costs to expect for your procedure and that you will receive the best, most expert care in the Phoenix area.

Complimentary Consultation and No Hidden Fees

At Infini Phoenix Liposuction, the cost of Skin Tightening with J-Plasma is all-inclusive with no hidden charges that you could expect to be billed for by so many other centers.

In fact, since we believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your body’s new look, the price for Skin Tightening with J-Plasma includes:

  • Pre-op labs
  • Facility Fee
  • All operative anesthesia and medicine fees while at our clinic for your procedure
  • The Procedure Itself
  • Your Compression Garment
  • All follow-up visits

Even your initial consultation is complimentary.

That’s because unlike other centers, we believe there should be no charge to get the information you need to choose a doctor you trust to help you achieve the body you want. In fact, to find out how Skin Tightening with J-Plasma can work for you all you have to do is schedule your free consultation. You’ll be able to get to know our staff and physicians, learn how we can help, and become comfortable with our plan for your procedure, all with no obligation.

What Can You Expect to Pay for Skin Tightening with J-Plasma?

To help you understand the costs for Skin Tightening with J-Plasma, let’s first look at the procedure itself as well as your options.

Put simply, J-Plasma uses an innovative radio-frequency (RF) waveform technology that works in combination with helium gas to tighten the skin in areas where your tissues have started to sag and become lax. Because of this, J-Plasma can help you tighter, more sculpted, and more youthful. It can even be used to get rid of unsightly pockets of cellulite.

Depending on your goals, you can choose to have Skin Tightening with J-Plasma alone or in combination with liposuction to achieve even more dramatic results. Those goals also determine the cost of your procedure.

However, you can expect the cost of a Skin Tightening with J-Plasma to be $2,500 to $5,000, without liposuction. Or, you can take the results of your procedure to the next level and add liposuction to remove excess fat while J Plasma tightens and rejuvenates the skin over your desired treatment area.

Can I Get Financing for Skin Tightening with J-Plasma?

At Infini, we know affording the cost of a procedure such as Skin Tightening with J-Plasma can sometimes be a challenge. However, after helping so many patients achieve the look and the body they dreamed of, we also know what an amazing confidence boost it can be and how it can truly change lives.

That’s why we offer a number of financing options to make paying for your Skin Tightening with J-Plasma easy.

We have created long-term relationships with reputable finance companies that can help and offer you financial assistance for your procedure. Our patients are often surprised at the ease of monthly payments that financing with these lenders provides.

Determining if you qualify is easy and financing applications only take a few minutes to complete. Even better, you’ll find out how simple and affordable it can be to get the Skin Tightening with J-Plasma and with it, the firmer, more youthful look you’ve been dreaming off.

And, don’t forget to schedule your complimentary consultation today for your Skin Tightening with J-Plasma in Phoenix, by calling 480-800-4501. Your new body is waiting.


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